Confidas have been Shortlisted for 2020 BIA Broker Partner of the Year

Confidas are honoured to have been named as finalists in the British Insurance Awards Broker Partner of the Year category.

The Broker Partner category reflects not only how well we service our broker partners, but how we work in tandem with them to find mutual solutions to meet the needs of our clients.  In the five years since we started trading, partnership has been at the centre of the way we work.  Having access to underwriters and claims handlers who can look for creative ways to write business and settle claims equitably is as important as the market leading and unique products we have created.

Steve Smith, MD of Confidas commented; “When we started Confidas in 2015 it was with the broker in mind.  We wanted to bring something unique to the market which would allow brokers to develop with us in order to win and retain business. Whilst working with UKI to deliver an unlimited sums insured product that overcame the perennial issue of getting sums insured right so as not to leave clients underinsured, we also invested in delivering levels of service that cater to the demands of clients. I’m extremely proud of the team and their success in growing the business in partnership with our brokers”. 

Our Max product, with its unlimited sums insured and wide cover, allows brokers to compete against the rise of white labelled direct products such as those from high end retailers.  While it might seem obvious that we would say it, it’s always best to have an insurance broker because not all policies are the same and they are specialist in finding cover to match client needs.  It has been by listening to, and working closely with, our brokers to refine our products and procedures have we been able to succeed in this market. 

We would like to thank everyone we have partnered with over the past five years.  Our joined up approach has led to our shortlisting as Broker Partner of the Year, but more importantly it has allowed us to better look after our clients.

Managing payments during coronavirus lockdown

How Confidas can help you if your current income has been impacted by Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Ways we may be able to support you:

·         By reviewing your levels of cover

·         Changing instalment dates

·         Payment deferrals

What is a payment deferral?

·         A payment deferral normally means that when monthly payments resume, the amount that has been missed gets spreads over the remainder of the agreement.

Is a payment deferral appropriate for me?

·         Payment deferrals should only be used when absolutely necessary, the full credit agreement balance will still be due, but will be paid over a shorter period.

·         The total payable will not increase as a result of a payment deferral as we will not charge any additional interest.

·         Agreed payment deferrals will not have a negative impact on your credit score (if applicable).

What should I do next?

·         If you are struggling financially please contact your insurance broker in the first instance and discuss your needs with them.

·         Do not cancel any payments or direct debit through your bank as this may have an adverse impact on your policy with us and your credit score.  

COVID-19 Statement

Dear Broker

Having spent the past few days testing our capabilities to move to a fully remote operation, we are pleased to say we are in a strong position to continue to deliver our service to you in this manner.  In line with Government advice to only travel where necessary, we have taken the decision to now fully close our Croydon office until further notice. 

Change to some procedures

While we are focused on continued excellent service, there are inevitably some changes to our contact and processes.

• The key one is that we will be able to work more productively via email communication during this time.

• However, direct dials will divert to our mobile phones – please be aware that we don’t all get great mobile signal while working remotely, hence the preference for email contact.

• If you do wish to talk to someone, calls to 0208 603 7157 will be handled by our Norfolk office, which continues to remain open.


• Calls are already diverted to our Leeds team and they will take FNOL advices and distribute the claims handling as appropriate.

• As previously advised, you should not see any changes to our working patterns or service levels from claims.


• As previously advised, we would prefer email instruction as this gives us an audit trail in the absence of a call recording system – this is for the benefit of both you and us as well as our mutual clients.

 All underwriters are available on their normal email address, and per above, have got mobile capability if necessary (within our usual working hours).

 • As part of the service Confidas offer, we already have in place a process for auto renewal, client’s will not be left off cover if you can’t communicate with us

.• As a reminder for data security purposes, for New Business instructions where you wish to put a client on cover using our Interest Free Direct Debit facility, please:

Put the client’s banking details in a password protected document (e.g. Word or Excel)

Email the encrypted document to

In a separate email, send the password for the document

• For New Business instructions on broker account, simply advise this is the case in the email confirming cover.

Business Development

• Both Steve & Andy remain available by phone, but as a business, we have taken the decision not to undertake face to face meeting for the foreseeable future.


• Remains business as usual

Further update on travel insurance

• If a client already had Confidas Travel insurance in the previous insurance period, they will be able to continue this at renewal.

• We cannot currently add travel insurance to the home product at renewal if the client did not have Confidas Travel insurance in the previous insurance period.

• We cannot currently add travel insurance, or individuals not yet on a current insurance, to the home product mid-term.

• We cannot currently add travel insurance to the home product as new business.

We hope that you and your teams are healthy and remain so during this pandemic.

Kind regards

Paul Birch
Head of Underwriting
0208 603 3750