What types of vehicle can be covered under the Confidas Motor policy

Your client can cover all of their vehicles whether they are collectors items, luxury cars, performance cars or something more modest and everyday. Cover for motorcycles and horse boxes can also be considered (subject to acceptance criteria) as part of a portfolio of vehicles.

Why was my client’s vehicle registration number not found in your database

Please check you have entered the registration number correctly. If the number is correct but we do not recognise it we will ask you to select the manufacturer, model, fuel, transmission type and year to provide with a list of vehicles to select from.

What levels of cover are available

We only offer Comprehensive cover under the Confidas Motor product.

Is commuting to and from work covered

Yes your client may use their vehicle to drive to and from a permanent place of work.

If my client has a motoring conviction (a fixed penalty endorsement or driving ban, for example) will it affect their premium

We will take your client’s driving history into consideration therefore we do need to you about your client’s licence history.

Can you cover young drivers

We offer insurance to drivers aged 25 and over and to named drivers aged 17 or over subject to acceptance criteria.

Do you offer a multi car discount

Yes. We offer a discount for a second and any subsequent vehicle you insure with us.

Can you provide cover in Northern Ireland

Yes, we do provide cover for motor insurance in Northern Ireland.

Does the policy provide cover for foreign use

90 days’ cover for driving in Europe is included as standard.

Is driving other cars covered

Yes. Your client has and their spouse have the freedom to drive other cars, not owned by you, on a Third Party basis (with the owner’s permission)

Can breakdown cover be added

Yes – this cover, provided by Green Flag can be included as an optional extra. Once a quote has been displayed, this cover can be added.

What types of policy can previous No Claims Discount be earned on

No Claims Discount must have been earned on a private car policy, a motorcycle policy, a classic car policy or a commercial vehicle policy provided that the number of years is available and the entitlement is not being used elsewhere.

What countries can previous No Claims Discount be earned in

In addition to countries in the EU: Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, USA or Zimbabwe.

What acceptance a criterion is there for foreign No Claims Discount

Proof must be written in English; the No Claims Discount level must be shown in years (not a percentage); any translations into English must be accompanied by the original document confirming the No Claims Discount.

Can the No Claims Discount be protected

Yes. Your client can protect their discount from being affected by fault claims. We can offer No Claims Discount Protection to clients with either 4 or 5 year’s entitlement.

Is a courtesy car offered as standard in the event of an accident

Yes. The quality of this courtesy car can be enhanced by taking out our Enhanced Courtesy Car optional upgrade.

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