How do I add annual travel to a Home Insurance quote?

Once a price is displayed, there is on option to add this cover on the Quote screen by ticking the appropriate box. There is an option to exclude or include hazardous sports/activities.

What sports/activities are included under the definition of ‘hazardous’?

The following activities are covered when they have been pre-booked and paid for in your client’s country of residence prior to departure and where tuition by experts holding recognised relevant qualifications is provided:

Bobsleigh; Off piste skiing and snow boarding (provided the person insured holds a recognised skiing qualification and will be skiing with another person at all times); Ski doos and snow mobiles; Toboganning; Bungee jump (one jump); Hot air ballooning (organized excursion only); Horse riding; High diving (recognised diving pool only); Motor cycling on machines exceeding 125cc – provided the person insured and all other riders have held a full clean motor cycle licence for at least three years and are accident and conviction free. In all cases, whether using a motorcycle as a rider or a passenger, a helmet must be worn; Mountaineering/rock climbing with ropes and guides (max limit 1,000m); Polo; Pre-organised sporting tournaments or events arranged by a recognised provider of the service (e.g. polo match); Paragliding; Scuba diving below 30m (if the insured person holds a recognised diving qualification to this depth and will be diving with another person at all times); White water rafting or canoeing (up to Grade 5).

What is the maximum length of trip covered?

60 days on Travel Max and 93 days on Travel Lux.

What does the Travel Insurance cover?

The cover provides your client and their family with extensive benefits including winter sports cover, delayed baggage, emergency overseas medical expenses, cancellation, delayed departure and personal accident cover. You can extend this cover to include hazardous activities such as paragliding, off paste skiing and scuba diving. Cover is provided up to the age of 74 and includes cover for pre-existing medical conditions that meet our stable medical condition clause.

What is a stable pre-existing medical condition?

A stable medical condition refers to any medical condition which during the 12 months prior to travel (or 12 months from arranging/renewing this cover) has seen no change: in the condition itself, or in the severity or number of symptoms, in the dosage or number of medications prescribed for the condition, or in the treatments including hospital treatments, or investigations prescribed for it. If your client has a medical condition or conditions which do not meet this definition they will need to contact and we will take them through a short medical screening process.

How does the medical screening process work?

We will take your client through a short medical screening process (a series of questions) at the end of which we will either:

  • advise them the condition is covered free of charge;
  • ask them to pay an optional additional premium to cover the condition; (if they decline to pay the optional additional premium they will not be covered for subsequent claims either directly or indirectly linked to the medical condition)
  • tell them that we cannot cover the medical condition (if we tell them that we cannot cover the medical condition they will not be covered for subsequent claims either directly or indirectly linked to the medical condition)

Our medical screening system is regularly updated so they may find in future years that they are asked to pay a different premium, no premium at all, or that we are unable to provide cover for their medical condition.

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