Managing payments during coronavirus lockdown

How Confidas can help you if your current income has been impacted by Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Ways we may be able to support you:

·         By reviewing your levels of cover

·         Changing instalment dates

·         Payment deferrals

What is a payment deferral?

·         A payment deferral normally means that when monthly payments resume, the amount that has been missed gets spreads over the remainder of the agreement.

Is a payment deferral appropriate for me?

·         Payment deferrals should only be used when absolutely necessary, the full credit agreement balance will still be due, but will be paid over a shorter period.

·         The total payable will not increase as a result of a payment deferral as we will not charge any additional interest.

·         Agreed payment deferrals will not have a negative impact on your credit score (if applicable).

What should I do next?

·         If you are struggling financially please contact your insurance broker in the first instance and discuss your needs with them.

·         Do not cancel any payments or direct debit through your bank as this may have an adverse impact on your policy with us and your credit score.